jennifer lagrange cary, north carolina photographer

Welcome to Jennifer LaGrange Photography! As a Cary, North Carolina Photographer, I am so excited about the opportunity to capture some amazing memories for you and your family! If you are wondering what a session is like with JLP, you have come to the right place! I will guide you through the entire experience you will receive with JLP right here on my website.

I am a boutique photography studio in the Cary area and I am passionate about capturing stories, your stories. Whether it’s though a fun yet directed lifestyle session or through documenting an event or day in you and your family’s life. I want to create an amazing experience for you from start to finish, from consultation until your wall art is placed on your wall or your album is placed on your table.

My goal is that, through your experience on my website and through our session, I’ll be able to ease your fears and make the family portrait experience a great one.

Before I take you through what a session is like with JLP, I would love to show you my work!

Button for Fresh 48. Jennifeer LaGrange, Cary, NC Newborn Photographer.