Jennifer LaGrange Photography operates as a boutique photography studio, which means that I place my focus not only on capturing your moments but also creating a luxurious AND FUN experience throughout the process! I believe that having pictures taken is so much more than a perfectly posed image with everyone smiling and looking at the camera; they are the key to never letting your story fade. I believe these memories, the connections you have and the emotions you feel are too important to let go of.  My goal is for you to have them forever…for generation after generation to enjoy.

I will work with you each step of the way; from booking the session, what to wear, where to photograph, all the way through to the delivery of your final images.

Photo of children laughing taken at Lake Crabtree by Jennifer LaGrange a Raleigh, North Carolina Family Photographer.

I love to work on location as it creates the most diverse backdrops and opportunities to showcase a natural, vibrant you! But I also really enjoy stepping inside, especially during the rainy months. Whether it be into your home or an adventure your family may be going on that day.

Photo of high school senior girl at Dorethea Dix Park taken by Jennifer LaGrange a Raleigh, North Carolina Senior Photographer.

My passion is to tell your story and to preserve it for generations to come.  Through the photos I capture my goal is to bring out the unique qualities in your family, child, high school senior or brand new baby!  I love bringing out everyone’s personality and to do that I have put a huge priority on getting everyone comfortable from the start of the session by getting to know you ahead of time.  I’ve always had a family friend take our family photos and it’s been so nice because she KNOWS us and knows us well. Especially for the kids, being able to talk to them about things they love helps them be comfortable and to relax.  I strive for you to not have the awkward feeling of not knowing what to do, where to look or how to act.  I want my clients to just enjoy their family being directed just enough to bring out everyone’s unique personality and to just have fun! I want my seniors to just enjoy getting to have a special photo session all about them, where they can feel comfortable and create images they love.  A session with JLP will provide these very things!

Photos of a family at Lake Crabtree taken my Jennifer LaGrange a Raleigh, North Carolina Family Photographer

This aspect of our family session is vital to getting genuine & expressive photos of your children.  You can expect that we’ll spend the first few minutes of your session just talking, playing and getting comfortable.  My experience with my own 2 kids has given plenty of ideas on how to break down the barriers that children put up!  You can expect us to be having fun and laughing pretty quickly!

For your high school senior, it’s pretty much the same. Just being able to talk to them about what they enjoy or future plans they have helps to bring those walls down and helps them to laugh and capture those real smiles. And hey, if smiling isn’t what they do, that’s fine, too. Remember, I want to tell your children’s stories and to capture them for who they are.

We’ll spend around an hour shooting your session. We will keep it fun and especially for little ones, we will keep them moving and give them “jobs” to help with.  My style is to capture real emotion and connection, not to get that picture perfect posed, everyone smiling at the camera shot. Don’t worry though, I will still take some.  Throughout the session I will be gently guiding you to look and each other and to look at me.

Photos of a family at Lake Crabtree taken my Jennifer LaGrange a Raleigh, North Carolina Family Photographer

Once the memories have been captured, it will be time to bring your story to life! This is my absolute favorite part!  I will spend the next couple of weeks going through your images and carefully editing them.  I will then put those images into a private online gallery for you to view and share! As a bonus you will have your choice of a 16×24 canvas or a beautiful album designed by me. I feel it is so important for my clients to walk away from their experience with something tangible. If you want to order additional prints or products there are many options found in your gallery’s store and I am more than happy to help you plan out any custom art pieces. I’m sure that your portrait art will become a family treasure that you’ll enjoy for generations.

Photo of high school senior girl at Dorethea Dix Park taken by Jennifer LaGrange a Raleigh, North Carolina Senior Photographer.

Last, I’d like to share with you my vision for my work. I create fine art photography and as such, the work that I create is intended to be your art. I don’t believe there is anything more valuable or precious than our families and our children (high school seniors included!)! They are your masterpiece, they are your story…let me be your storyteller!

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